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How to begin investing having only 1 000 rubles?

One of the main misconceptions of all the people – you need a lot of money if you want to be an investor. Not everyone started with millions in their pocket. The majority of investors starting with a small capital investment have gotten to a serious equity. So how is it possible to invest a thousand rubles and, moreover, earn money from it?

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What 1 000 rubles can give you?
You'll be successed if you'll get these 3 forces:

- time;
- regularity;
- reinvesting.

What does this mean? You need to invest at least 1 000 rubles every month for quite a long time. All the earnings need to be reinvested so that you'll gain the profits – and it goes around.

In conclusion, even for a thousand rubles there are plenty of ways how to invest it safely. And there's an amazing thing – your percentage of profitability from small investments will be the same with profitability of the biggest investors who own a capital with millions on their personal account.

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